Why We Love/Hate Boston

The good, the bad, the ugly: Boston, MA.

1. Kenmore Square: Love

Restaurants, restaurants, CITGO sign, Fenway!

2. Kenmore Square: Hate

No explanation necessary.

3. Bars: Love

Plenty of choices, near public transportation, all age groups

4. Bars: Hate

2am close, T shuts down at 12:30. Happy hour is illegal.

5. Transportation: Love

T, bus, car, taxi, boat, commuter rail— go anywhere!

6. Transportation: Hate

Green line. Crazy drivers. Rush hour(s).

7. Sports: Love

Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots

8. Sports: Hate

See Kenmore Square: Hate

9. Food: Love

North End, Newbury Street, Restaurant Week(s), Faneuil Hall, etc.

12. Things To Do: Love

Aquarium, MFA, Boston Commons, Boston Gardens, Faneuil Hall, Freedom Trail, Museum of Science, Fenway, etc.

16. Things To Do: Hate


17. Seasons: Love

4 distinct seasons. Beautiful leaves. Pretty snow. Lovely spring. Warm summer.

21. Seasons: Hate


22. Holidays: Love

Fourth of July fireworks, Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon

24. Solidarity: Love

When it really matters, Boston always comes together. In our love/hate relationships, love prevails.

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