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    • lisaj18

      The Skyline/Gold Star thing isn’t native vs. transplant. It’d be more accurate to call it East vs West, although even that line is blurred. Single-location chili parlors are generally better than either (tho’ I *love* Skyline).
      LaRosa’s is comfort food for me, but given a choice, I’ll take Dewey’s. I never understood why the Kings Island location tasted different, though it was my favorite. THAT I would take over Dewey’s.
      Montgomery Inn is nothing without the sauce. I miss Burbank’s.
      Buskens is good, especially that Hyde Park location, but Servatii’s is better.
      The goetta, Graeter’s and Izzy’s go without saying. No argument.
      Haven’t been to Tom & Chee, yet, but that’s pretty new. Not that iconic.
      And Just Crepes? How is that Cincinnati?
      Frisch’s, the only Big Boy chain left that ISN’T Bob’s, THAT’S Cincinnati. Yes, they have their own recipes. Like the tartar sauce. It’s not Bob’s sauce, it’s Frisch’s.

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