Writer/comedian/actor in New York City. My work has appeared on the internet, radio, and once in a planetarium.
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  • A Comedian’s Onstage Marriage Proposal at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

    This past summer my fiance Andy proposed to me in front a sold out theater of mostly strangers, with the help of some close friends, as well as UCB co-founder Ian Roberts and MC Chris. The show took place during the Del Close Marathon, a 56 hour improv festival at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where we meet 3 years prior. To put the show in a little context, late night slots like this are usually reserved for the type of mess-around weird over the top stuff that Andy says won’t be happening at the top of video. Hence the (censored) male nudity and guy dressed as Hitler ranting about Gilmore Girls.

  • Teenage Vampire Killers From Hell

    Teenage Vampire Killers From Hell is a dry, dark comedy about an unlikely pair of vampire killers sanctioned by the Catholic church to hunt down bloodsucking co-eds - like The Odd Couple, but dangerous and with vampires, the way Neil Simon intended it.

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