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Mar 2018
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  • lisah4d8a90b7e's avatar

    lisah4d8a90b7e commented on We Want To Know Your Tips For Helping To Get Over A Break-Up

    Listen to really sad break up songs and have a good cry. Then once you've got it all out put some upbeat empowering break up songs on, dance, sing and remember how awesome and amazing you are.

    2 months ago

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  • lisah4d8a90b7e's avatar

    lisah4d8a90b7e commented on Tell Us What Movie Scene Is Literally Always Funny

    All of Robin Hood Men in Tights is hilarious but the men in tights song is brilliant and the joke "hey blinkin. " "did you just say Abe Lincoln?" makes me laugh even after the 100th time of watching it. It's so simple but so silly. Mel Brooks is a genius.

    1 year ago

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  • lisah4d8a90b7e's avatar

    lisah4d8a90b7e commented on Tell Us The Wildest Misconception About Sex You've Ever Heard

    When I was at school there was a program for the sixth form students to teach the younger kids sex education so that it was less embarrassing for them. They had some really weird ideas about sex, for example if you put cola up you after having sex you can't get pregnant. Oh and they… 

    2 years ago

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