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    Halloween-Themed Clocks That'll Resurrect Your Love Of Analog Time

    Decorate your walls with these Halloween-themed clocks that'll have your guests wondering if your house is haunted.

    This vinyl record clock is a great upcycle to your walls

    Home and Crafts / Via

    Celebrate the witching hour every hour with this moon, bat, witch, and jack-o'-lantern clock

    Sol Pixie Dust / Via

    Perfect to bring a different color to your outdoor or indoor haunting spaces

    ALAZA / Via

    Black cats aren't bad luck, they're best friends

    Kit Cat Klock / Via

    Take the cuckoo clock to another level with this Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas clock

    Bradford Exchange / Via

    Halloween love will never die with this Nightmare Before Christmas-themed vinyl record clock

    Decor Finds / Via

    Flickering lights and music makes this Munsters clock a must have in every haunted home

    Bradford Exchange / Via

    Pewter finish on this cog and wheel design is perfect for inside or outside spooky spaces

    Lilyshome / Via

    Spooky trees perfect for any home or office

    3D Rose / Via

    A clock that'll make you afraid to look into its eyes

    3D Rose / Via

    Retro style acrylic clock for your living room

    Jojohouse / Via

    Disney cuckoo clock to bring the Halloween spirit to your kids' bedroom (or yours!)

    Bradford Exchange / Via
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