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    • lisaf9

      I told my group that it would rain every evening. We were camping in the temperate rainforest of Western North Carolina. I even bought my niece a raincoat for the trip. I told my husband I was packing mine and he should pack his. I waterproofed the new tent the night before.
      So nobody believed me.
      And it rained. Oh, it rained. At one point, we got two inches in 45 minutes. Everyone’s tent was soaked, both inside and out. My husband tried to use paper towels to mop up our tent, but he might as well have used a hankie. Finally, I went into town and bought a box of diapers. Guess what? They work! Anyway, it rained every. Single. Day.
      Did I mention that we brought three dogs? Sleeping in wet tents for five days with wet dogs is fun. On the last day, as we were packing up to go home, my dog found some raw sewage somewhere asked rolled in it. That’s right before a seven and a half hour road trip.
      Weirdly, I still had fun. The rain had caused the river to rise, so we had a great time whitewater rafting!

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