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Jun 2015
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    lisae464f92dd5 commented on What Do You Wish You Had Known About Going Through High School As An LGBT Teen?

    I wish I realized that high school was just a short period of time and not the entire world, which is easier to say in hindsight. I wish I knew that, even if you spend 2 years going to high school youth groups every night trying to pray away the gay, you will still be you. I wish… 


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    lisae464f92dd5 commented on Which Olympian From Your State Should You Cheer On In Rio?

    You guys should edit your US Women's Soccer players' descriptions. Pugh is captain of the U20 team and Naehar was on the 2008 U20 team too (they won the U20 World Cup). Not specifying that makes their playing background confusing. Youth national teams have won many more world cups… 


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    lisae464f92dd5 commented on Can You Pick The Right Chemical And Not Blow Up The Lab?

    Actually... There would likely be some sort of exothermic reaction that might lead to a small "explosion" because you should never add base to acid. You always add the acid to the base. By adding the base to the acid, the reaction is more likely to be vigorous.


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    lisae464f92dd5 commented on 21 Confessions From Men Who Suffer Domestic Abuse

    Thank you for posting this. My mother beat us kids and my dad but since he's a foot taller and a military man, so few believed it. She was the abuser and my dad was a silent victim. We speak up for women of DV but forget that men are victims too. Thank you for acknowledging that and… 


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    lisae464f92dd5 commented on Show Us Your Faith Based Tattoos!

    One of my tattoos is on the inside of my bicep. It's quite simple. Says "1 Corinthians 13:13" in script over an equality sign. The verse is "now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love." It combines my faith background from childhood with… 


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