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TOP 5 Reasons NOT To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Not excited by Valentine's day? If you are dating and looking for a way out of this ‘special night’, here are 5 reasons not to celebrate it!

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1) Save your money!

Valentine’s day is perfectly timed after the sales. If you have also taken advantage of “Starting from 60 % OFF” of Zara and your wallet is surprisingly empty, that’s an excellent reason to not celebrate this ‘Love day’. Plus, maybe your boyfriend is also broke and your gift will be not good as well as you are expecting! Just stay at home together. Love is free!

2) After Christmas, you don't need more chocolates!

Nothing kills your 2017’s resolutions of being sportive and getting fit for summer like more chocolate. You've barely recovered from Christmas time with your grandma who repeats constantly 'Come on sweetheart, take another piece of pudding! You are growing!'. This is not the time to have chocolates in your cupboard! Sheeran will not 'love your shape' anymore!

3) Why celebrating love on a special day?

This reason is more ‘romantic’ (prepare tissues …!). Love is for every day of the year. Receiving chocolates or flowers are always a pleasure for girls but would it not be more meaningful on any other day? On Valentine’s day, they are obliged to buy you a gift. The real challenge is for your partner to surprise you when you least except it. Let him spoil you!

4) Solidarity with your single friends!

If your best friend is single, this can be a difficult day! She is amazing, fun, pretty but still single? Don’t brag about your plans for Valentine’s Day. If you do decide not to celebrate it, tell her! Why not have a 'date night' with friends? You will probably save her from watching the Bridget Jones' movies while eating ice cream all night!

5) Change your program!

All restaurants are full this night. You will probably end up eating at a Five Guys which is not really romantic (even if it’s fantastic!). The best option is to stay home, order a pizza with your ‘Valentine’, watch a film: no disappointment!

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