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10 Reasons Why The Classic Summer Barbie Can't Be Beat

Nary a 'shrimp' in sight.

1. Because, let's be honest, we spend all year waiting for summer BBQ season to arrive.

2. Because everything feels, looks and tastes better in the summer — and that's a fact.

3. Because there’s no smell that will make you salivate faster than a well-lit barbie.

4. Because you can consume all your favourite bevvies while still getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

5. Because you can rock up with an ice-cold carton of beer and all of a sudden, you're everyone's best mate.

6. Because it's a great excuse to ~get fancy~ and pair your snags with some new booze.

7. Because summer barbies are pretty much Australia’s one claim to fame internationally — and for good reason.

8. Because it's all the same joy and excitement of Christmas, but without all of the hassle.

9. Because barbies can often last for 12+ hours without losing steam.

10. And finally, because it brings people together for quality time, without the fanfare of a 'big' event.

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