14 Problems Every Long-Haired Person Knows To Be True

Sometimes it’s really hard having long, luscious locks. Don’t let clogs cramp your style! Make sure you have Liquid Plumr® Hair Clog Eliminator® on hand to help you out of a jam.

1. When you get caught in a windstorm and become the proud new owner of 1,000,000 knots.

2. And your cat decides your coiled coif is so comfy that it should be his new bed.

3. When you have to spend an hour painfully detangling the mess…

4. …only to have your brush break mid-stroke.

5. And speaking of grooming, the unbalanced ratio between shampoo and conditioner is pretty much the most annoying thing in the world.

6. When you desperately want to cut all your hair off, but know how much you’ll regret it.

7. Having to make sure you don't sit on your hair when you take a seat is really important.

8. So is checking for leftovers after you lean across the table.

9. When your hair gets stuck in the car window.

10. And the fear of catching on fire when you blow out a candle becomes a legit concern.

ABC / Via ohmagif.com

11. Then there's this:

The other day I got scared because I thought someone was pulling my hair but I realized my hair was stuck under my arm... #longhairprobs

— Monique✝ (@MNicole122)

12. When the struggle of fitting all your hair under one towel is real.

#longhairprobs: When your hair doesn't all fit in your damn hair towel.

— Kenzie Koch (@SkinETattedGirl)

13. And just the thought of blow drying your mane exhausts you.

sunshinecity / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: sunshinecity

14. Wondering how you're not bald when all your hair keeps clogging the drain.

viviandnguyen_ / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: viviannguyen

15. When you realize it's all worth it, because dang! YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

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