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How To Succeed On A Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Some people are habitual dieters. They must diet several times a year, often before a holiday, lose some weight for the occasion, and then promptly put it back on until the next time. Others are always on a diet but never lose any weight, although they talk all the time of tomorrow when they will. To lose weight you have to have the will to succeed and many people, whilst becoming their extra pounds, do not have this will. Some family prefers the pleasures of food to the pleasure of being slim, others con themselves into thinking that the scales are wrong or the dress has shrunk, and for a number of people there are emotional or psychological reasons far stronger than their apparent desire to slim which prevent any real progress being made in dieting. Among this group are those who use dieting and the constant challenge it presents as a substitute for other challenges, such as finding a job, letting their children 'go', or facing up to a difficult marriage, because they are unable to battle with the real problems they face. Others pretend - even to themselves - that they are on a diet, stoically refusing to eat anything but a lettuce leaf and stick of celery in public, but privately gnawing their way through cakes and other goodies. Very often such people are basically distressed and unhappy and are punishing themselves for some private failure, real or imaginary, or punishing others for letting them down. Many addicts, they are genuinely incapable of owning up to or recognizing their addiction and the reasons for it: 'Feel sorry for me, I don't eat and I'm still fat,' or 'I know you can't love me because I'm fat'. The fear of failure, particularly if the fear is reinforced by experience, is also a great deterrent to successful dieting. If you have tried several times to lose weight without success, it is all too easy to say: 'It didn't work last time, so it won't now.' And actual failure, when the scales refuse to register the expected weight-loss, can turn a determined dieter into an angry over-eater. You will need willpower and a great deal of determination to lose weight..........

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