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“Hear the 2.9 Million Voices the Electoral College Forgot”

For months we tuned into our televisions watching the coverage of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first female to win the nomination of a major political party. After decades of demanding equal rights for women, the highest of glass ceilings was votes away from being shattered. Despite the 2.9 million popular vote lead, the presidency went to Donald J. Trump, a man who’s career had been associated with sexism in every sense of the word. The day after the inauguration of President Trump millions of women took to the streets of major cities from Los Angels to New York City. History was made as the Women’s March had a 2.9 Million turn out across the Nation. Within 24 hours the Washington Mall was flooded with over 700,000 people [sic Women’s Democratic National Club] voicing their grievances toward the new president and what his presidency means for women. At the mall entrance two young women generated popularity for their colorful posters. Both Amber and Amy voted for Clinton during this election and took this march as an opportunity to voice what their votes hadn’t. “We have to be present in a certain way that is gonna make this incoming administration understand,” says Amber. “If no body shows up, the deed is already done and our rights can be repealed. If we’re not present in the street being vocal, being active, and then taking that energy and building a concrete movement with practical results, then nothing is gonna change.” A group of mothers took this march as an opportunity to teach their daughters that it is never too early to let your voices make a change. “We are here for ourselves and our daughters and our daughters daughters and sons,” states Asaki Bradford [far right]. “ I wanna be counted and I want her to be counted.” “Free speech and press are the foundation of democracy,” states Rebecca Hoyt, a fellow protester. “I feel that this democracy is in danger.” The turnout of of protestors across the country shows that for the next four years, even if the outcries fall upon deaf ears free speech will be exercised demanding change.

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Lindsay S. Wilson
Lindsay S. Wilson
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