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22 Wonderful Once Upon A Time Moments

Warning: Spoilers

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1. Let's start with this fine man: Killian Jones


Colin O'Donoghue is always fine as fuuu and we need to re-live every moment of his screen time, OK?

2. Rumple's face when cruella couldn't even handle keeping August on lockdown


you were all thinking it

3. When Regina and Emma started working together instead of trying to kill eachother

4. Learning that even Snow White and Prince Charming did some evil

5. When Hook told Emma that she was his happily ever after

6. Everything about #Rumbelle before season 4



7. I mean, seriously, look at them.


Love at first kidnapping

8. All of Peter Pan's facial expressions

9. Evil Regina's Laughter in one of her signature fab outfits

10. When Graham took Emma's mug shot

11. Robin Hood cheating on his wife


Get it, Robin

12. Cruella getting defeated by a skillet

13. Aurora and Philip reunited

14. Rumple's laughter

15. The Dark one eating Ramen

started from the bottom now you're still at the bottom, Rumple.

16. Elsa's first impressions of Storybrooke

17. Realising that letting in the Queens of Darkness was a terrible idea

18. Watching young, sweet, Regina fawn over her true love.

19. When Ingrid realized her sisters loved her all along



20. Usula's sass

21. Maleficent and her perfect crimped hair

22. And lastly, the beautiful moment that Rumple walked back into our lives.


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