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13 Reasons To Revisit Your Dream Job From Childhood

Because becoming an "astronaut slash pop star" is totally legitimate. Picture yourself where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there.

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1. Back then, you planned on impressing the entire world with the things you would do.


The sky was the limit.

2. You did work because you enjoyed it.


And you longed for the day you would get to "work" all day long.

3. Money was an afterthought. It was like, "I get that TOO?!"

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4. You knew there were no limits on what skills you could acquire.


Just ask High School Musical's Troy Bolton!

5. And you weren't worried about running out of time.

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Rather, you wanted to fast-forward to the day you wouldn't have to go to school anymore.

6. You knew you could have multiple dreams at the same time.


Because we were all once rock stars slash chefs.

7. You knew that for the right gig, you'd find the energy.


Because being tired after a long work week could actually be a good thing.

8. You were cool and confident when asked, "What do you want to do with your life?"


Because you knew the answer... or trusted that someday you would.

9. And you never felt the need to explain why.

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"I like it because I like it."

10. Looking back might prove how far you've already come.


You've probably already achieved more dreams than you thought.

11. Or how many weird detours it's taken to get to where you are now.


Remember that one internship? You know the one.

12. Reminiscing could motivate you to get your career on the track you want.

The future comes up fast.

13. And what you might realize is that you're closer to your dream job than you think.

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And this time, it's not a costume.

What is your dream?

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