12 Career Milestones That Prove You’re On The Right Track

Knock ‘em out, one-by-one. Picture yourself where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there.

1. Your boss says, “You’ve got a knack for this.”

Sometimes the smallest affirmation can lead us to find our true professional passions.

2. Someone from high school flatters you by asking for some career advice.

You may not have talked to them in a decade, but they seem to know you’re doing quite well!

3. You catch yourself working from home just because you’re passionate about it.

The best jobs are the ones in which you’re never counting down the seconds to leave.

4. The moment you realize you’re using something you learned from college.

Surprise! Who knew that semester in Macro would be worth it?

5. A stranger recognizes you because of your work.

“Oh, you’re the one who…” is the start of a very flattering sentence.

6. An intern thanks you for teaching them the ropes.

Matthew W. Jackson / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: themuuj

It proves you’ve made the big transition from student to teacher.

7. Your work takes you somewhere far, far away.

Landing your first business trip confirms that your impact reaches beyond your office walls.

8. The moment you realize your work has an impact on someone else. Like, a serious impact.

Regardless of the industry, people work with people. We’re all hoping to inspire just one person.

9. The moment you find your kindred career spirit.

Be it a mentor, a business partner, or just a collaborative spirit, finding a person who supports your career dreams is monumental.

10. The first time having a long network of people finally pays off.

“Knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone” means you’ve done the legwork, and your career is in safe hands.

11. The first time your parents successfully describe your job.

It means you’ve found a job you’re excited to talk about, and even your mom thinks it’s good enough for you.

12. And the moment you realize that you’re actually close to what you dreamed of as a child.

This is the one we’re all running after.

If you can dream it, you can accomplish it. Picture yourself where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there.

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