The Adorable Kittens Of Ko Lanta Island

Just cats and kittens, doing cats-and-kitten-y things.

1. Meow, I wanna get out of here!

Out of where??

2. Ko Lanta Animal Welfare Centre

A haven for the abandoned and injured cats and dogs of Ko Lanta.

3. This is how Ko Lanta looks like

Blue skies and warm seas in Thailand, oh yeah.

4. As though the island isn’t fabulous enough, it’s full of cute lil creatures.

5. “Me and my family.”

The whole ginger clan pacing the cage. They, and their mother, were found abadoned at Ko Lanta animal welfare centre one day.

6. Here, there are one-eyed cats who stare you down.

Hello head rub kitty back there!

7. Oh here’s a close up!


8. Cats who like to chew on strings

9. Cats who slump around.

10. Cats who just surround ya and do their own cat-ty things.

11. The resident taco tongue cat!

12. They all wonder: “Are you my new family?”

13. Yeah, come say hi sometime!

Lanta Animal Welfare <3

14. Treat yourself to a Thai island getaway!

The gorgeous infinity pool at Twin Lotus Spa and Resort, Ko Lanta.

15. And give this baby a happily-ever-after home!

Check out to see how you can help!

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