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10 Types Of Romance, As Told By Emoji

Love is a many-splendored thing. So is LINE, a new messaging app with over 40,000 emoji Stickers to choose from. Like these romantic ones.

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1. Internet Romance

This online match is handsome, mysterious, brooding — too good to be true? Swipe right and pine away, but remember that you never know what’s on the other end of that dating profile. Proceed with caution and tread carefully.

2. Unrequited Romance

You swore you’d never sit by the phone and wait for your date to call, but here you are. Thought she was into you and now you’re plucking flowers and wondering if she loves you or she loves you not. Get over it and move on!

6. Long-Distance Romance

Love letters and passionate reunions seemed romantic at first, but now it’s just sleepless nights and staring at old photos of the times you were together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but also lonelier.

8. Saturday Night Romance

That fleeting romance you have with someone at the bar in a club. They buy you a drink, you dance, you think they could be the one... for a hot second. Then you sober up a little and realize there are better options out there. Next!

9. The Waiting Game Romance

That sinking, silent misery you have when someone takes three hours to respond to a text. THREE HOURS. You’re constantly checking for a response, and it’s slowly driving you nuts.

10. Treat Yo Self Romance

Rather eat a whole bottle of ketchup than go on a date? Treat yo self. Feel like watching True Detective again instead of seeing another living soul? Treat yo self. Whoever says they haven’t had a long-term relationship with junk food and HBO is a liar.

Download LINE for free to illustrate your love life with these emoji and more. You can also turn your selfies into emoji stickers with the LINE Selfie Sticker app, available for iOS and Android.

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All emoji Stickers courtesy of LINE.