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11 Ways To Avoid Awkward Conversations With Emoji

Because sometimes words are just too hard. This is brought to you by Emoji LINE, the new emoji keyboard you need on your iPhone ASAP.

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2. When you accidentally walk in on your roommate in the shower.

What it means:

Roommate: "Omg you've seen too much. I am dead."

You: "I cannot unsee what I just saw."

Roommate: "This is so embarrassing."

You: "Lol I'm just kidding don't worry. It never happened."

4. When you did something bad but you're fairly sure being cute will get you off the hook.

What it means:

"Yes, I did the bad thing, but look at this cute guilty girl with flowers in her hair slowly sinking into the earth lol you still mad?"

8. When you just don't have the answers.

What it means:

"I'm physically incapable of having this conversation right now so I'm going to send you this face that could literally mean anything you want it to."

All emoji courtesy of LINE

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