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The Best of Jordy Lemoine

Unless you were introduced to this baby popstar in your middle school French class like I was, you might not know of Jordy Lemoine -- the world's youngest singer ever to have a #1 single. At four, his song 'Dur Dur D'etre un Bébé' ('It's Hard Being a Baby') hit the charts, leading not only to charges child exploitation, but some of the most incredible live performances of all time.

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  • 1. Dur Dur D'etre Un Bébé, the music video

    Silly parents! It's so hard to be a (singing) baby. No but, seriously, this might be the best music video of all time.

  • 2. Alison, the music video

    At 4-years old, Jordy's a total heartbreaker.

  • 3. Le Mauvais (LIVE)

    Such stage presence, such awkward background dancing.

  • 4. Ooh La La Baby (LIVE at the World Music Awards)

    Not only does Jordy excel at lipsynching (he's a regular Britney Spears!) but the Whitney Houston doubletakes in this live performance are SO REAL. And we finally learn why Europe has such a weird reputation.

  • 5. C'est Noel (It's Christmas)

    Featured in "Look Whose Talking Now", Jordy babytalks his way through this one. (Which I guess is OK, because he's a baby.)

  • 6. Alison (LIVE)

    Sidestepping his way through another brilliant performance.

  • 7. OMG! Jordy in Brazil

    This kind of looks like every parent's uploaded YouTube video of their children, but with a screaming audience (???) and a jean jacket.

  • 8. Seriously, More of Jordy in Brazil

    So apparently most of Jordy's fanbase lies in the Brazil -- where it's a appropriate for a baby popsinger to be interviewed while being held by his mother. Who cares what language this is in? It's CREEPY.

  • 9. Alison (LIVE on 'Noche Noche')

    This one's ripe with moments where Jordy doesn't seem to know where he is and when his next naptime is scheduled. There's also a dancing Venus Flytrap. Yep.

  • 10. Jordy Grows Up

    Don't be sad, Jordy is not a midget orphan so he couldn't stay young forever. He eventually grows into a spiky-haired young adult and starts a band called "Jordy and the Dixies." With this, baby rock is officially dead.