The Internet's Best Rack City Parodies

Some songs just attract the web's best parodiers, and "Rack City" is, right now, is that song. Thank you to Kelly R. for finding, watching and sharing most of these with me...And for sending me down this horrible, horrible k-hole.

Lindsey • 6 years ago

14 Nicest Quotes From Reviews Of Lana Del Rey's New Album

Are you kidding, Gavon? How dare you attempt to damper the flawless light that is Lana Del Rey. She's already infecting the globe with her perfect pop and is poised to be 2012's breakout act. Don't believe me? Here are 13 nice quotes from reviews of "Born to Die" and if you argue that this post has LESS nice than the mean of Gavon's: we only used each review once. Kiss, kiss!

Lindsey • 6 years ago

@horse_ebooks Valentines

Vondell Swain's @horse_ebooks Valentines are the perfect way to tell someone how much you truly care.

Horse_ebooks • 6 years ago

The Obamas, Email Masters

It seems as though Email Master Al Franken isn't alone. The Obamas also do some mighty fine emailing, and these subject lines are definitely worthy of high praise. I'm just wondering, Obamas, when's dinner?

Lindsey • 6 years ago