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16 Ways Your Pets Make Springtime Awesome

Not sure how to maximize this sweet, fleeting season? Your pets have got you covered.

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1. They teach you how to soak up some sweet rays...

Reddit: Fossheim / Via

... and how to look good while doing it.

Reddit: CausticSabaist / Via

2. They are all about getting in shape with you.

Sometimes they'll even take the lead and show you how it's done...

Reddit: glatts / Via

... and sometimes not so much.

Reddit: howdoiusername7 / Via

3. They'll help you hide your Easter eggs...

Reddit: MyScarletFever / Via

... as long as you promise to protect them from that wily bastard, the Easter Bunny.

Reddit: sabethook / Via

4. They'll um, "celebrate" 4/20 with you...

... orrrr they'll just berate you for your life choices before they leave for their "REAL JOB."

5. They'll help you get psyched for graduation!

Reddit: IluvKen / Via

Or they'll help you get terrified for graduation!

Reddit: Dinosaur_Kisses / Via

6. They'll pretend to fall for your April Fools' pranks.

Just be careful that shit doesn't get too real.

7. They'll gamely participate in outdoor activities with you...

Reddit: skyer2000 / Via

... and sometimes they'll kick your ass at said outdoor activities.

8. They'll help you to appreciate the beauty of springtime flowers...

Reddit: ohnati / Via

... and the beauty of laying ON TOP OF springtime flowers.

Reddit: Drewismyname / Via

9. They'll roll in the grass with you!

Reddit: bigfoot715 / Via

They may get more into the grass-rolling than you, and that's OK.

Reddit: LazyLizardLounge / Via

10. They'll help with your spring cleaning!

Reddit: squib28 / Via

... in their own way, of course.

11. They will remind you about the joys of going to the park...

Reddit: RetainForProof / Via

... and the joys of making new park friends!

Reddit: sstegall / Via

12. They'll make sure you're rocking your spring style necessities.

This may or may not include jorts (hint: it does).

Reddit: kylemiller1217 / Via

13. They're super stoked to be your date to all those spring weddings...

Reddit: gadgetsANDgizmos / Via

... so they can remind you that weddings are 23% True Love, and 77% Open Bar.

Reddit: SacramentoChupacabra / Via

14. They'll tag along to all your springtime music fests...

Reddit: trolarsystem / Via

... and will want to listen to bands that you "probably haven't heard of."

Reddit: Robertxo / Via

15. They'll get really into flying kites with you...

... even if they can't figure out how the heck a kite works.

16. They'll encourage you to show off more skin in the warmer weather...

Reddit: umaloo / Via

... but only in the most tasteful sense.

Reddit: plus245 / Via

So, c'mon gang! Let's get those springtime ducks in a row...

ANimal Planet: Too Cute

... and breeze through the season with our fave companions.

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