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Top 12 Ways Your Pets Help You Through Hard Times

You knew they were your best friend for a reason.

12. They make you laugh.

Reddit: TheShamefulSquid / Via

"What's so funny? Is there something in my teeth?"

Reddit: 34DMB / Via

"I was about to lick something, then I remembered there was nothing there."

Reddit: szalkan

"Mmmmmrff frrfzzzz brrrrrreff!"

11. They give you cuddles.

Reddit: kirbyfood / Via

"You know you love it."

"When you're not here I have to cuddle THE DOG."

10. They'll never leave your side.

Reddit: swefur / Via

"I'm just gonna be right on top of you if you need me, okay?"

Reddit: doxielove / Via

"It's okay, I'll guard you."

9. They'll eat a bunch so you don't feel fat.

Reddit: cutestuffexpedition / Via


"This... isn't what it looks like... they're not all for me... I swear."

8. They're always excited when you come home.

Reddit: mrs_burk / Via

"It's no fun unless you're here."


7. They're the most entertaining friends you'll ever have.

"it's like the fun never ends!"

"Help. Please."

Reddit: simpsonsfanhere / Via

"Dude... it's like... I'm a walrus."

6. You don't have to tell them about it if you don't want to.

Reddit: lecoeurheureux / Via

"Okay, I'm not gonna ask any questions, or give any advice. I'm just gonna sit here. In case you wanna say something."

Reddit: germancurious / Via

"It's cool, we don't have to talk."

5. They distract you from your other problems

Reddit: Buttboogie / Via

"...You're welcome."

Reddit: mel2mdl / Via

"So... things got a little out of hand."

4. They try their best to cheer you up.

Reddit: Lawtey / Via

"I don't have a PhD, but I'll do what I can!"

Reddit: arogaw / Via

"C'monnnnnnn, don't be sad!"

3. They can always convince you to play.

"C'mon human, let's be silly!"

2. They're so cute you can't even remember what you were upset about.

* Boop! *

Reddit: weed_fairy / Via

"Pretty pretty please don't be sad?"


1. They love you so much they can't even handle it...

"You're my most favorite human."

"I love you so much it makes me fall down!"

"C'mere and snuggle me!"

...Which is great, because you feel exactly the same way.

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