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    Posted on Apr 29, 2014

    12 Superhero Pets To Save Your Day

    Turns out the power is all in the cape. Who knew?

    1. "Watch the bookshelf, Winston! I'll be baaaaaack!" / Via Reddit: True_Story_/ Lindsey Robertson

    2. "Wherever there is feline injustice, I'LL be there!" / Via Reddit: sprohi/ Lindsey Robertson

    3. "Carrots quake before me!" / Via Reddit: waboos/ Lindsey Robertson

    4. "Here I go, off into the sunset!" / Via Reddit: papitomamasita/ Lindsey Robertson

    5. "I may not be home in time for my cat-nap. Don't wait up!" / Via Reddit: alvis24/ Lindsey Robertson

    6. "The baaaaaaa-d guys don't stand a chance!" / Via Reddit: SweetMeadowFarm/ Lindsey Robertson

    7. "No need to thank me, kitties! Just doing my job!" / Via Lindsey Robertson

    8. "Don't worry folks, I'm a trained professional!" / Via Reddit: littleespo/ Lindsey Robertson

    9. "I vow to leave no box empty, and no water glass unturned!" / Via Reddit: eljue/ Lindsey Robertson

    10. "No butt will remain be un-sniffed when I'm around!" / Via Reddit: Sarah_Ger/ Lindsey Robertson

    11. "Don't do catnip, kids! Get high on life!" / Via Lindsey Robertson

    12. "... My cape flies even when I'm chillin'. Just how I roll." / Via Reddit: sleepymarmot/ Lindsey Robertson

    Nice work, Super Pets.

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