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21 Snoozing Koalas You Want To Snuggle With Right Now

They're like TEDDY BEARS in TREES.

1. This slumberous lil' bear.

2. This peaceful plush-face.

3. This snuggly snoozer.

4. This curled up cutie.

5. This placid pal.

6. This droopy dude.

7. This unperturbed joey.

8. This zen master.

9. This yawning cuddler.

10. This perfectly-poised rester.

11. This cozy little dozer.

12. This lethargic loaf of fuzz.

13. This delightfully woolly napper.

14. This family of slumberers.

15. This fella who's just hangin' out.

16. This cuddly siesta sesh.

17. This soft pile of sleepyhead.

18. This plump little guy in repose.

19. This tucked in and tuckered out marsupial.

20. This grumpy hibernator.

21. This drowsy koala-ball.

And the only thing they love more than sleeping? A tummy rub, duh.

Learn more about koalas and how to help save them and their ecosystem here!

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