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The 16 Smoothest Things That Ever Happened

Turns out animals are sly devils who are smarter than us.

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1. When this cat duped you into thinking he was falling.

2. When this goat was like "Ice? No problem!"

3. When this Frenchie took a well-deserved joyride.

4. When this red panda outsmarted his friend.

5. When this cat was secretly responsible for this feline dispute.

6. When this independent piggy opened the fridge, hands-free.

7. When this dog could've SWORN he heard something...

8. When this cat had the perfect getaway plan.

9. When this crow didn't give two shits about social graces.

10. When this rabbit was not above bending the rules.

11. When this seagull got the five-feather discount.

12. When this squirrel straight up STOLE an airplane and flew off into the sunset.

13. When this raccoon went James Bond on this hallway.

14. When this dog gave a baby the cold shoulder.

15. When this crow took a sneaky chomp out of an indignant red panda.

16. When this dog realized how to succeed in eating without really trying.

17. When this bear decided to take matters into his own paws.

"Sorry, humans. It isn't easy bein' so smooth all the time."

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