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16 Secret Agent Raccoons

Unfortunately, not all of us have what it takes to be James Bond...

1. "Everything's going to plan... I... I got this."

2. "No, don't look at me... just... mind your business, people! I'm a professional!"

3. "I can scale a wall... totally. I can totally scale this wall."

4. "Shhh... just tell me where the diamonds are."

5. "AMBUSH!!!"

6. "I... I'm just gonna... VICTORY!!!"

7. "SHH! What was that?... Oh, it was just you chewing."

8. "Tee hee hee hee!"

9. "Dammit, Rob, how can we 'get away' if the getaway car isn't working??"

10. "I'll just distract you and then, ah..."

11. "... You saw nothing!"

12. "Uh... this is all part of the plan! Promise!"

13. "Alright, now to make my grand escape... GODDAMMIT."

14. "... I meant to do this."

Reddit: sam_pura_vida / Via

15. "Gonna be super sneaky... oops. No, wrong way."

16. "Uh... guys? I changed my mind, I don't think this is gonna work..."

I dunno, Raccoons. Maybe you should just stick to being couch potatoes...

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