17 Rules For Taking A Good Photo

    Don't stink up your own selfie.

    1. Posing with a friend is always more fun.

    2. Never forget: confidence is key!

    3. Don't let your drunken friend photobomb you! Who do they think they are??

    4. Unbridled enthusiasm is an absolute MUST.

    5. ... Maybe don't stick your hinder out in the photo.

    6. Over-the-shoulder is everything. Even if you're posing on a tractor.

    7. ... Don't be a diva 'bout it, though.

    8. Keep sexy poses tasteful.

    9. Sometimes smiling is overrated.

    10. Don't be afraid to pose like a majestic prince.

    11. The camera CAN actually zoom. No need to get all up in its bizness.

    12. Looking bored/apathetic is a straight shot to ultimate photo-coolness.

    13. Don't be afraid to give some side-eye.

    14. Beware of Resting Bitch Face.

    15. Tongues should stay inside the mouth. Sorry, Miley!

    16. Trust that, even in motion, you will be photogenic. Make sure your cute friend doesn't upstage you, though.

    17. Most important: just be your unashamedly awesome self.

    You are now ready for your closeup. Enjoy!