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17 Reasons To Love Marmosets

If them being marmosets wasn't already reason enough.

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1. They will totally offer you some grub if you want.

2. Baby marmosets can be as small as a human thumb, and if that's not the best thing ever, well, hush.

3. They have tails that just don't quit.

4. They're so TUFTY!!

5. They've got cute lil' peepers.

6. They can be quizzical.

7. And maybe a little bit derpy on occasion.

8. Have an idea you wanna run by them? They'll give you their full attention.

9. They MAY even give you some sound advice.

10. They are professional multitaskers.

11. They are always down for a photo op – especially if it's an extreme closeup.

12. They are teeny tiny, which automatically gives them – I dunno – TEN cute points? At least?

13. They look real cute scurrying across branches (and THIS branch in particular).

14. They are NOT afraid of confrontation. So watch your mouth!

15. They play well with others!

16. They get full points in peeking.


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