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    19 Reasons Ferrets Make The Most Adorable Pets

    Bill de Blasio is fighting to end New York's ban on keeping ferrets as pets, and here are some reasons why it's an awesome idea!

    1. They love hide and seek!

    2. They are helpful in gardening!

    3. They're the ultimate nappers.

    4. They'll sleep on your face, no questions asked.


    6. They are great with cats.

    7. They're nimble little swimmers!

    8. Cutest. Tongues. Ever.

    9. They'll be patient while you figure out directions.

    10. They look good in the latest fashions.

    11. They're real serious about snack-time.

    12. They're handy in the kitchen.

    13. They do a mean face-palm.

    14. They appreciate good hygiene.

    15. Again: CATS. LOVE. THEM.

    16. They'll put away your socks for you, you lazy bum!

    17. They'll stick their tongues out, cuz they're sassy.

    18. Romping in the grass is always a top priority for them.

    19. Most importantly? They're full of warm, fuzzy, ferret love!