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    29 Photos Of The Most Adorable Farm On Earth

    So, living on a farm is apparently all about being surrounded by cute animals? Right?

    1. This is Julie. She's a pretty cool lady who lives and works at Sweet Meadow Farm, located 25 minutes outside of Boston, MA.

    2. The coolest thing about a farm? ALL THE CUTE ANIMALS.

    3. According to Julie, the farm is home to almost 200 animals, including rabbits...

    4. ... cows...

    5. ... MORE rabbits...

    6. ... goats...

    7. ... horses...

    8. ... a tortoise and hedgehog duo...

    9. ... a peacock...

    10. ... miniature donkeys...

    11. ... guinea pigs...

    12. ... and even a little wallaby!

    13. For the record, wallabies are adorable and they like to eat strawberries. (Who knew??)

    14. The cuteness is almost overwhelming.

    15. There are even barn kittens!

    16. Yes, BARN KITTENS.


    18. "Living on the farm is full of excitement," says Julie. "With animals, it's a full-time job. You can't decide you're going to sleep in an extra hour or call out sick."

    19. The animals have a pretty good sense of humor about everything, though.

    20. And you never know when (or where!) someone cute will turn up!

    21. With so many animals, sometimes worlds collide.

    22. And everyone does their part helping out on the farm - or tries to, anyway.

    23. Best of all, during springtime the farm is full of baby animals!

    24. Even dove babies!

    25. But THE coolest thing about Sweet Meadow Farm is that it provides classes for kids on animal science and riding lessons.

    26. Says Julie, "It's very rewarding to see the impact the animals have on the kids."

    27. "Animals don't judge and love you for who you are no matter what. This allows kids to be themselves and helps build their confidence."

    28. Even parakeets join in on the riding lessons!

    29. It's a lot of hard work to keep the farm running smoothly, but Julie doesn't mind it. "When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life."

    You can learn more about the awesome work that Sweet Meadow Farm is doing here!