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17 Most Vicious Puppy Attacks Ever

Warning: the following may contain graphically cute images. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. This cameraman comes face-to-face with a savage beast.

2. This poor man never stood a chance.

Reddit: lemondrink005 / Via

3. These wild pups are out of control.

4. This feline cannot escape the diabolical masterminds.

5. Please look away if you're squeamish.

6. Those fiends!!

Reddit: Manticorp / Via

7. This man feigns a smile in a feeble attempt to survive his attackers.

Reddit: garfoofafuffel / Via

8. Such depravity.

9. This man allows himself to be overtaken by the tiny barbarians.

10. The color orange has provoked these puppies into a frenzy.

11. Even their own mother is not safe from their ferocity.

12. Run, tiny human! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

13. These tiny brutes swarm upon the unsuspecting cat like bees.


15. A cavalcade of vicious beasties.

16. One of the most dangerous street gangs around.

17. Oh, the humanity!

... Okay, actually, who are we kidding? Being attacked by puppies is the best thing ever.