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Meet Mr. Tumnus, The Coolest Himalayan Around

This majestic cat is here to enlighten you and teach you the ways of his coolness. And, really. Who could resist that tiny, flat face?

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Meet Mr. Tumnus. He's a friendly Himalayan whose fluff and face just cannot be equaled.

Amber Harris / Via

... But he can also be extremely nosey.

Amber Harris / Via

He is not easily ruffled. Even dog butts don't bother him.

He can pierce your soul with his arresting gaze.

He is a curious little gentleman, who is always looking to learn more about the world.

"Hmmm... according to my calculations, this is a sprig of grass."


Lounging with his buddy Arthur the Basenji is one of his faves.

Tumnus loves helping with any documents you may need to fill out...


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