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How To Computer: By Dog


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You are very lucky to use Computer.

Computer is fun to look at.

Sometimes Computer can be hard to see.

Sitting in Chair is like being a king.

Computer is very special and important.

It is nice to be next to Computer, if you can.

Computer has Internet, which is always confusing and wonderful.

You cannot touch the Internet Things. They are magic.

Everyone can say things on the Internet even if they shouldn't be allowed to!

Sometimes Internet hates you and goes away for no reason.

Computer can be scary sometimes.

Sometimes you need help to do computer things.

If Computer isn't working, you are maybe sitting on its parts.

Everyone is very popular on Computer. There are many messages.

There are boring things on Computer also.

Sometimes it is fun to be at Computer but not look at it.

Computer gives you powerful napping powers.

Sometimes it is okay to taste Computer just to see if you like it.

Sometimes humans think Computer is more interesting than you.

This is very distressing.

But it's fun to Computer together with humans.

... And playing with Computer's box is fun, too.

Thanks, Computer!

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