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Top 30 Cutest Buckets Of Puppies

I did the grueling, analytical work that no one else would do. Despite the stiff competition, there could be only one champion...

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30. These guys lost points for spilling over into TWO BASKETS! It's okay though, because lookit dose faces.

28. *Tsk tsk* Lost points here because SOMEBODY was peeking when they should've been sleeping.

27. These pups get a special mention for their luxurious fabric choices.

24. Props to these pups for bein' extra curious about fingers!

21. These contestants showed the most agility, by far.

19. An honorable mention here for Best Smooshed Face.

17. Okay, plus one million points for wrinkles galore.

15. Minus points for human feet. Plus points for puppy yawn.

14. A real puppy embrace is happening here!

13. Extra merits for confidence! But I'm gonna have to dock you for not having more puppies in your box.

12. D'aww, a hundred points for bein' so chocolatey.

10. Pups! You need a sturdier box than this! Come on now.

8. Okay, you guys easily make the top ten for essentially being tiny angel babies.

7. Beagle eyes? They'll getcha every time.

4. Oh my gosh, that's a champion ear-flop right there.

1. Despite the fierce competition seen here today, these guys come out as #1. The pose, the faces, the cuteness... it's all there. Congrats winners!