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17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks

"What the heck is this thing on my face??"

1. "Let's see, what happens if I... WHOA!!"

2. "All right, snack time here I come — aw, crap."

3. "Unroll! Unroll yourself!"

4. "Look, Mom, I can do it too! See? See?"

5. "I guess I can use this as a pretty sweet pinwheel?"

6. "Wheee, got my power grip on!"

7. "Aw yiss, gonna pick up ALL the ladies with my sweet trunk moves."

8. "Aw, how come your trunk's bigger than mine?"

9. "Sweet, I can pick up grub!"

10. " have to stop getting in the way, trunk!"

11. "Whoa, whoa, whoa... What the heck is that smell? Oh, it's me."


13. "Yeah yeah yeah! Check out my tender shoots, haters!"

14. "Oh yes, hello!"

15. "C'mere, gimme your face."

16. "...I'll just leave this right here."

17. "OK, how the heck...did I do this...?"

Don't worry, little dudes! You'll get the hang of those trunks one day!