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22 Things Your Pets Are Thinking When They Creep On You

Because you may THINK you need alone time, but you'd be wrong.

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10. "Just here, you know, in case you need a vacuum."

12. "Did... did you just... IGNORE my friend request??"

13. "I just wanted to make sure you were actually working and not staring at your desktop again."

14. "Oh, phew, I found you. I thought you were gone forever."

15. "I'm sitting at the table and there's no food in front of me. What's wrong with this picture?"

16. "Dude. You're hogging the covers."

17. "Um, hi, I noticed you were taking pictures of the dog, and not me? Yeah, what's up with that?"

18. "You will rue the day you put me outside."

19. "PLEASE warn me next time before you do that. My HEAD was under the covers."

20. "I'm not coming out until you apologize for putting me in a sweater."

22. "I'm gonna stare at you because you're basically my favorite person in the world."