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19 Things That Happen When You're Drunk: As Told By Animals

When you lower your inhibitions, sometimes you let some weird stuff out.

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1. You start Facebook stalking all of the people you love to hate... and can't believe that everyone is MARRIED NOW??

2. Your facial expressions become 10 TIMES BIGGER THAN USUAL... BECAUSE ALCOHOL.

Reddit: The_Price_Is_Right_B

3. Somehow that "super-flattering" selfie you thought you took ended up being an error in judgment.

4. You become so disoriented that you stop talking out of nowhere and become that weird quiet person hanging out and staring.

5. You know you're gonna fall at some point in the evening, so you just start going for it.

6. All of your inner delusions of grandeur come out...

7. ...Shortly followed by your delusions of inadequacy.

8. Your attempts to strut proudly in front of your crush don't go so well.

9. Your inner lunatic comes out and starts picking fights with people.

10. Lying down sounds like a good idea, so you'll pretty much do it wherever you're standing.

11. Your methods of flirting become both bizarre and... minimal.

12. The room starts spinning juuuuuust a little bit.

13. You decide to show off your vocal "abilities."

14. Your brain invents new and creative ways to drink without using your hands...

15. ...the same is true for any food you may be eating.

Reddit: Draxan / Via

16. You find a way to get the most out of every glass.

17. You get a little too handsy with friends.

18. Your depth-perception becomes... not so great.

19. That "kickass" exit you were gonna make becomes more "ass" than "kick."

But, don't worry about your tomfoolery. You won't regret it AT ALL in the morning...

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