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19 Dogs Who Have A Severe Case Of Window Face


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1. Such poise. Such focus.

Reddit: ZachOnTap / Via

2. So exquisite, I can't even handle it.

Reddit: glowstiix / Via

3. It isn't easy being this gorgeous all the time...

Reddit: contradictioninterms / Via

... it really isn't.

4. Beauty can make others jealous.

Reddit: dogpictures / Via

5. A masterpiece.

6. It's almost angelic.

7. So beautiful it may just haunt your nightmares.

8. A stunning portrait.

9. A glimpse of radiance.

Reddit: BostonJRod / Via

10. A study in elegance.

Reddit: aalicedee / Via

11. Are you intimidated by handsomeness? Then look away.

Reddit: kman297 / Via

12. "Driver, roll up the partition please."

13. A truly magnificent smile.

14. Look at that proud chin and those distinguished features.

15. Positively resplendent.

Reddit: callmemayday / Via

16. Don't stare for too long. This level of attractiveness can be blinding.

17. "Classy" is his middle name.

18. The secret to life is being really, really, ridiculously, good-looking.

19. A positively beauteous kiss.

"... Um, will you stop taking pictures of the damn dog and LET US BACK IN THE HOUSE?"

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