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    19 Animals You Didn't Know Could Be Cute

    And if you DID know, congrats, you're ahead of the curve. Now excuse me while I gush over these.

    1. Bats!

    2. Frogs!

    3. Toucans

    4. Octopi!

    5. Crabs!

    Jacques Cousteau agrees that crabs are cute, and should be given pats.

    6. Cuttlefish!

    7. Snails!

    8. Newts!

    9. Snakes!

    10. Donkeys!

    11. Jellyfish!

    12. Chickens! And Quail!

    13. Caterpillars!

    14. Javelinas!

    15. Badgers!

    16. Sharks!

    17. Rats!

    18. Woodchucks!

    19. Armadillos!

    View this video on YouTube

    Still don't believe armadillos are adorable? Watch this one enjoying his bath time.