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15 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Hedgehogs But Were Afraid To Ask

... OK, so maybe you weren't afraid to ask. But I KNOW you wanted an excuse to look at cute pictures of hedgies.

1. Q: What are their morning routines like?

A: They have just as much trouble getting out of bed as you do.

2. Q: Do they take baths?

Reddit: azimuth36 / Via

A: Um, tchyeah. Give them bubbles, and they will give you cuteness.

3. Q: But do they float?

A: Their buoyancy level is off the charts.

4. Q: Do they read newspapers?

A: Yes, they're genuinely concerned about public affairs. Also, they sometimes save food on their heads for later.

5. Q: Are they into boats?

Reddit: skiingnarwhal

A: Are you kidding? They're VERY nautical...

Reddit: rodinia

... So much so, in fact, that they're basically salty sea hogs.

6. Q: Do they veg out?

Reddit: supremeideology / Via

A: They're ALL about snacking in bed.

7. Q: Are they socially active?

A: Absotively. They love to cuddle and hang out with friends...

Reddit: isaidDONTPANIC / Via

... of all shapes and sizes.

8. Q: Will they pose for my photographs?

A: They are brilliant models.

9. Q: Do they eat gourmet cuisine?

Reddit: B-MoreCahreen / Via

A: Duh. They have very refined tastes.

10. Q: Are they curious?

Reddit: elrangarino / Via

A: Perhaps a little TOO curious...

... but they always know when to ask for help.

11. Q: Should I invite them to my parties?

Reddit: Whosajiggawha / Via

A: If you're throwin' a rager, you definitely want them on the guest list.

12. Q: Are they easy to spot?

Reddit: bananaboy23 / Via

A: No. They know how to blend.

13. Q: Do they give piggyback rides?

Karmacatt / Via

A: Only every single day, foolz.

14. Q: OK, but will they come to my costume party?

Reddit: greynwhitemttrafact / Via

A: They. Freakin'. Dig. Costume. Parties.

15. Q: Are they aware of just how damn cute they are?

Reddit: addbaby

A: Trust me. They are 100% aware.

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