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'Tis The Season To Be Spooky

Time to get your creative pants on this Halloween!

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Hello future Fashionista’s!

I hope you have all been enjoying your pumpkin spiced lattes while rocking your thrifty flannels and boyfriend jeans this fall season. Just as quickly as the leaves are changing the month of October is almost over, which means Halloween is right around the corner! If you’re anything like me this is one of your favorite holiday’s. Nothing can top Christmas. Reasons why Halloween rocks, one: you can dress as ridiculous as you’d like and nobody can make fun of you for it. Two: free candy. Need I say more. Three: for one night you can be absolutely anybody you want to be, how cool is that. But a big negative of Halloween is buying a costume that you’ll probably only wear once. And that’s where I come in with my easy DIY college costume guide to Halloween!

Every year there are those certain individuals that decide to wear undergarments and animal ears and call it a Halloween costume. Now let’s pretend your grandma is at that party you’re going to, save yourself, and put a jacket on. Please and thank you. Halloween is not about showing off your newly chiseled abs, but having fun with your friends, being comfortable and not disappointing your parents when they see your recently tagged photos on Facebook.(you can thank me later) What you may not realize is how many pieces you already own to make a creative and cheap costume.

1)Hawaiian shirt, high waisted shorts, white socks, visor, and a fanny pack. I give you the Disneyland tourist. Have some fun with it, add white paint to your nose for sunscreen!

2)Denim blouse, white or red tank top, jeans or leggings and a red bandanna and you are Rosie the Riveter, an American classic.

3)White v-neck, high wasited shorts, borrow your dad’s suspenders, fake glasses and throw your hair in pig-tails and you’ll be cutest nerd in the classroom.

If you are feeling daring and consider yourself artistic, buy yourself a face painting palette. They have one’s for sale at Walmart for $3.00, that’s a whole lot cheaper than that drink you bought last weekend at Kilkennys’s. Youtube and Pinterest are oozing with ideas and easy step by step tutorials. A few of the top picks include; a skeleton, sugar skull, scare crow, tiger, zombie and the list goes on. Let your creative juices flow.

If you’re one of those people who hates getting dressed up for Halloween and spending a ton of money on a costume, look no further than a white t-shirt and permanent marker. Take your sharpie and write on the shirt “404 Error. Costume Not Found”, it’s witty, original and comfortable. Own a red t-shirt? Now take white duct tape, make a few horizontal stripes across it and you are waldo! Don’t forget the iconic hat and glasses.

Trying to figure out what to be for Halloween is one of the most difficult decisions you will face in your life. Okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But there are idea’s all around. Start with your favorite TV show, movie or book and pick a character from there. Look what’s in your closet or previous costumes you’ve warn in the past and mix them into something new. The thrift shop is always the best place to search for cheap alternatives this Halloween season. Remember it’s only one night and spending a bundle of money may not be worth it. Use these simple tips and let your mind wander. Be edgy and have fun with it!

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