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    • lindseyn48c669350

      My husband got diagnosed with Addison’s disease this summer ( he is already type 1 diabetic) so I’ve been spending the past few months making sure he is a stress free as possible. He really wanted a dog that he got to pick out since in the past all his other dogs were tiny dogs picked out by ex girlfriends. So for weeks he would go walk dogs at the humane society so that he could find his perfect dog. He came home one day showing me pictures of a dog he really liked and continued to show me these pictures for an entire week. I went with him to the humane society to visit the dogs he liked. Sammy was the first and only one we walked. We adopted him that day and he makes my husband so happy. My husband exercises with him to build back his muscle and calls Sammy his sidekick. Hence why is full name is Samewise Gamgee.

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