8 Signs Lizzie McGuire Was Your Role Model

The last episode of Lizzie McGuire may have aired in 2004, but her influence lives on in ’00s teens everywhere.

1. 1. Whenever you contemplate wearing the same outfit two days in a row you’re haunted by “Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!”

Disney / Via elitedaily.com

Even if you didn’t take any pictures in it the first time, the fear is real.

2. 2. Your ultimate date fantasy involves cruising on a Vespa with an Italian pop star.


Being mistaken for a superstar yourself isn’t required but an added bonus.

3. 3. You can’t step foot in Victoria’s Secret without thinking “I WANT A BRA!”

Disney / Via elitedaily.com

The secondhand embarrassment you felt during this episode was unparalleled.

4. 4. In the shower, you think twice before going for a second round of shampoo.


What Ethan Craft lacked in brain power he made up for with his luscious locks.

5. 5. You understand that accessorizing and pattern mixing are delicate art forms.


Printed pants and bedazzled head scarves? Don’t mind if I do!

6. 6. When it comes to friendship you value quality over quantity.

Two friends who will do anything for you trump the ones that only want to hang out with you because you’re on the cover of Teen Scene magazine any day.

7. 7. No dream is too big or outrageous in your book.


I mean Lizzie shared a Christmas kiss with Aaron Carter, performed at the Colosseum, won best dressed, and modeled for Teen Scene Magazine, so anything can happen.

8. 8. Finally and most importantly, you sometimes wonder if your one true love has been right under your nose all along.


#TeamGordo for life.

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