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20 Stages Of The Tinder Lifecycle

Unless you are a dating ninja, Tinder can be more of an emotional roller coaster than a Nicholas Sparks novel. These are the tumultuous stages of the tinder lifecycle, from downloading to deleting.

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1. A stubborn protest

You’ve held off for this long, is it really time to start drinking the kool aid?

2. Curiosity takes over, it's time.

To the app store you go!

3. Do I really have to log in with Facebook?

Will everyone be able to see that I'm on here? Can I use an alibi? I'm not ready for the world to see me this way.

4. Profile photo time!

I need to look good but not like I'm trying too hard.

5. I need to write a bio! What is this

Don’t worry, they said. It will be easy, they said.

6. Browsing time, today is my day.

Get your arrows ready Cupid, today is going to be a big day for you.

7. Pure disbelief with your fellow Tinder users sets in.

Who even are these people? Are there background checks on this thing?

Why is he posing with a rifle?

Is that supposed to make me feel safe?

Why is this girl in all of his photos?

Is that his girlfriend? It couldn't be.

8. HOLY SIX PACK BATMAN. Your optimism climbs.

This is it, he's the one.

9. It's a match!

Taking five hours to choose my photos really paid off.

10. He messaged me?

I can't believe I'm going to be Mrs. Six Pack.

11. He said what? It ends faster than it began.

That is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever read… did he really think that would work? Where’d all the good people go?

12. You stay strong.

Don't give up yet, you can do this. Rome wasn't built in a day people.

13. Things start to look up.

Some of these people actually seem like nice, upstanding citizens.

14. You decide to send some messages.

What do I even say? Is that too aggressive? Forget it, they can come to me.

15. You make mistakes.

Who are these people? Did I log in at the bar? It looks like I was a little generous with my swiping right.

16. You become more and more skeptical.

How do I know these people aren't serial killers? I watch too much SVU for this.

17. Your inbox fills with unanswered messages. Will you ever answer?

I think I need to find another rodeo, I’m better than this.

18. You come to terms with reality.

You can't fight fate, maybe you're just not meant to find love via iPhone.

19. You press the x, and say goodbye.

Until next time Tinder, it was fun while it lasted.

20. After some time, and you give it another go.

The cycle starts again. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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