13 Things We All Want (Need) To Happen During Beyonce’s VMA Performance

At the MTV VMAs on August 24th Beyonce is not only receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, but is also performing and nominated for eight awards. Here are the things everyone in the world wants to see when she graces us with her presence.

1. 1. A performance of the ***Flawless remix

If you haven’t heard this yet, grab your headphones and revaluate your life. It will change you.

2. 2. And for Nikki Minaj to pop in for her verses

“the queen of rap slayin with Queen B”

3. 3. The return of the chair

Only Beyonce could transform something so simple into the ultimate prop.

4. 4. Her luscious locks blowing in the strategically placed wind

That hair has the power to heal the sick and soothe all woes.

5. 5. Blue Ivy’s Live Performance Debut

Even Oprah wants to see more than the occasional Instagram picture of the back of Blue’s head.

6. 6. Or maybe an announcement that there is a second heir to the Carter empire on the way?

Dreams! Tears of joy may be shed across the nation if she has a bun in the oven. (Name suggestions: Green Oak, Purple Fern, Ashley)

7. 7. A selection of her signature moves

8. 8. For Bey to say surfboard at least ten times

Serfbort. It’s sweeping the nation.

9. 9. Some throwbacks

The Vanguard award celebrates her entire career so it makes sense to pay homage to the classics. Crazy in Love anyone??

10. 10. Shots of other celebs in the audience completely star struck

Because it’s fun to see that even the biggest stars are so in awe of her talent.

11. 11. Especially Jay Z

Nothing is more romantic than seeing them support each other. (you shut that rumor mill down Bey and Jay)

12. 12. And this. Just all of this.

The hair flip/ stare down combo can not be beat.

13. 13. Going home with a win (or several) would be an added bonus!

She’s racked up a causal eight nominations so it is a definite possibility.

14. Whatever she does, we will continue to love her until they have to pry the visual album out of our cold, dead hands.

Stay ***Flawless Bey.

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