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People Are Pissed At This Commercial For A Waist-Slimming Belt

The corset is back and Twitter is not having any of it.

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Miss Belt, a waist-training corset, has ~quite~ the commercial.

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Not surprisingly, people took to Twitter to express their concerns about the belt.

I'm sorry but how does this look natural at all #missbelt #what

And how it's taking us a couple giant steps back in women's history.

Just when I think #women have evolved I see an ad for #missbelt which is nothing but a throwback to the 1800s corset 😒 #justbeyourself


#missbelt Destroying hundreds of years of women's history in two full infomercial minutes

Some very important questions were raised.

I can only imagine the enormous fart she lets out after taking off her #missbelt. #badphotoshop

Some people expressed that there's nothing wrong with just rocking what you've got.

#missbelt yikes! I will just stay fluffy and comfy #BB17 #BBAD

Others just simply couldn't.

Um. I just saw a commercial for the Miss Belt and I am concerned about humanity

the ad for Miss Belt is the most horrifying thing ever. where the hell do your internal organs *go*???

Feeling sick because of the Miss Belt commercial. This is why I stick to Netflix.