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    People Are Pissed At This Commercial For A Waist-Slimming Belt

    The corset is back and Twitter is not having any of it.

    Miss Belt, a waist-training corset, has ~quite~ the commercial.

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    It claims to slim your waist, giving you an hourglass shape "in just two steps!"

    The before and after shots are, should we say, alarming.

    It also claims to hide your post-baby body.

    You'll also probably get a round of applause for ~looking slimmer~.

    Not surprisingly, people took to Twitter to express their concerns about the belt.

    I'm sorry but how does this look natural at all #missbelt #what

    And how it's taking us a couple giant steps back in women's history.

    Just when I think #women have evolved I see an ad for #missbelt which is nothing but a throwback to the 1800s corset 😒 #justbeyourself

    #missbelt Destroying hundreds of years of women's history in two full infomercial minutes

    Some very important questions were raised.

    I can only imagine the enormous fart she lets out after taking off her #missbelt. #badphotoshop

    Some people expressed that there's nothing wrong with just rocking what you've got.

    #missbelt yikes! I will just stay fluffy and comfy #BB17 #BBAD

    Others just simply couldn't.

    Um. I just saw a commercial for the Miss Belt and I am concerned about humanity

    the ad for Miss Belt is the most horrifying thing ever. where the hell do your internal organs *go*???

    Feeling sick because of the Miss Belt commercial. This is why I stick to Netflix.

    In sum: