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    These Men Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Makeup

    Guyliner on fleek.

    1. Manny Gutierrez

    Yep, that's a free-handed PERFECT winged liner.

    But let it be known he won't be havin' none of ya'll hatin'.

    Angel's makeup ability is next. level.

    His highlight game is so on point it's BLINDING.

    Goss gives amazing tutorials like this one where he shows you how to "look flawless — not fake," obviously.

    Nothing fake to see here, people.

    His Khloé Kardashian tutorial is spot. on.

    And this Kylie Jenner transformation is so close it's alarming, actually.

    If you ever need an honest and thorough product review, head on over to his YouTube page.

    His makeup hauls are also incredible and extremely pleasant to listen to. *Swooning over that British accent*

    Mathias is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty connoisseur.

    Who has also worked on this amazing piece of cinematography.

    No relation to this Patrick Star.

    His videos like this summer Barbie makeup tutorial are super transformative and crazzyyy fierce.

    And he's pretty much mastered the art of strobing.

    8. Colin Jay

    He's set the bar pretty high for groomed eyebrows.


    Thumbnail image source: Instagram