This Will Actually Teach You How To Curl Your Hair In 5 Minutes

    Curly hair, don't care.

    1. Create a "hair bungee" and curl your hair in a ponytail.

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    First, spray dry hair all over with heat protectant spray.

    Then, create the bungee by looping two bobby pins onto either side of a hair tie.

    Next, gather your hair into a ponytail, stick one bobby pin into one side of the ponytail, and wrap the hair tie around a few times. Secure the second bobby pin in place.

    Then, curl small sections of the ponytail by wrapping the hair around a curling iron.

    Finally, take out the bobby pins, release the hair tie, and take a look at your new amazing curls!

    2. Curl relaxed hair using a headband.

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    First, place an elastic headband on your head.

    Then tuck small sections of hair up and underneath the headband. Grab the next section of hair and combine it with the previous section and repeat.

    Then continue tucking all the way around your head.

    You can either leave the headband in while you finish getting ready or do the whole process before you go to bed and sleep on it. Either way, you'll reveal some pretty ~fabulous~ curls once you take the headband off.

    3. Or try these crazy-simple sock curls.

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    Start by rolling a sock from the tip of a section of hair up toward the root, then tie the sock in a knot.

    Continue doing this all the way around your head in similar-size sections.

    Take a dance break.

    Then untie the socks and reveal your bangin' curls.

    4. Get glamorous curls using chopsticks.

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    First, separate your hair into pigtails with a part down the middle, separating one side with a clip and securing the second with a hair tie.

    Next, twist the pigtail over the chopstick.

    Take the chopstick and turn it so that the end is pointing toward your part and tuck it underneath the hair.

    Repeat the same steps on the other pigtail.

    For extra support, tuck the chopsticks into the hair opposite each pigtail.

    When you release the chopsticks and the hair ties, you'll have some seriously ~luscious locks~!

    5. And for short hair, get pretty waves with a flat iron.

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    For this look, it's all in how you direct the flat iron.

    Clamp hair at the root with the flat iron pointing down, then twist it away from your face a full 360 degrees as you slowly pull downward.

    The best part about this look is that the messier it is, the better.

    Happy curling!

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