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    Here's Why Women Are Putting An Open Flame To Their Hair

    Apparently fire gets rid of split ends.

    Recently, Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio posted a picture to Instagram of her having her hair burned with a candle.

    First, the stylist starts by twisting dry hair.


    The flyaways and split ends will start poking out of the twist.

    Then they grab a candle and start waving the FLAME up and down the twist to BURN off flyaways.


    Imagine how that smells??

    Just look at that singe.


    Also, that finger's a little too close for comfort.

    What if it sets on fire??



    Like this.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    If you feel compelled to try this treatment, make sure you go to a professional.


    When asked about women who may want to try doing this treatment at home, Greg Ruggieri of Salon Ruggieri in New York City told BuzzFeed Life, "I wouldn't recommend it." Instead, he suggested leaving it to someone who is thoroughly trained in the treatment.

    But for now, a fresh trim sounds much safer.

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