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This Chart Will Change Your Life If You're A Messy Eater

Because if you don't have a stain on your shirt right now, chances are you will soon.

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When you’re removing stains, there are two key things to keep in mind: Try to treat the stain as quickly as possible, and whatever you do, don’t wash and dry the item before treating the stain or else it’ll set into the garment.

First, run cold water through the back of the stain. This way, the water will run out the fabric the way it came in to avoid spreading.

Mix clear laundry detergent with a bit of cold water, and set onto the stain. Let sit for three to five minutes.

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*Use clear, dye-free detergent because it won't dye your clothing.

Rub the mixture together and rinse the stain out with cold water.

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Fold the clothing over and rub the fabric together with your fingers. Before you know it, the wine stain will be gone!

Next, wring out the water from the garment and pour about a tablespoon of clear liquid laundry detergent (or 2 tablespoons if the stain is bigger) onto the stain.

When you're done working the stain out, refill a plastic tub with clean water and let it soak for at least an hour.

Next, pour a pot of boiling water about a foot away from the stain and watch as it magically disappears! (Just be sure to keep your distance from the water so you don't burn yourself.)

*Note: If the label on the item of clothing directs you to wash it in cold water, skip the boiling-water trick and instead create a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap, then gently rub into the stain. Wash as directed when you're done.

Fold the item of clothing so that the gum is facing outwards and place it inside a freezer bag.

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The plastic freezer bag will protect the item of clothing from getting anything inside the freezer onto it.

After the gum is frozen solid, scrape it off with a butter knife.

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If small pieces of gum are left behind, go back and scrape some more. If they aren't lifting, place the item back into the freezer bag and inside the freezer, then scrape again after a few hours.

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